Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Black & White Cake

Running a few days behind here.  But for a good cause.  I have been recipe testing for my sister's tea house.  She is hoping to open the beginning of October.  Fingers crossed for us please!

Now onto the cake.... our June choice for the Cake Slice Bakers is the Black & White Cake from Vintage Cakes.   In case you don't know about Cake Slice Bakers... We are a group of bakers that are baking a cake each month out of a specific cookbook.  This year of baking is being done from  Vintage Cakes by Julie Richardson.  It is a great group of gals to bake with!  Be sure to check out all of their yummy blogs.

Rather than run through the making of the cake step by step this month I wanted to share how I used the cake.  One of the things that we will be offering at the tea house is a stacked cake for dessert.  So I thought this would be a good test for stackage!

I baked the cake in a sheet pan.  Be sure to butter the pan, lay down a piece of parchment paper then butter the paper also.  This will ensure that your cake will come out nice and easy.  Get a nice even spread by starting with batter all over the pan then spreading out in an even layer.

After the cake has baked and cooled, I put a piece of wax paper on top, wrapped the whole thing in plastic wrap and placed it in the freezer overnight.  The next day I took it out and before it could thaw I cut circles out using a biscuit cutter.

The recipe called for a cooled ganache and a vanilla Swiss buttercream.  I opted for making what some call an American buttercream.

Now to just assemble the cakes.  Which isn't the easiest thing to do with the men folk in the house trying to 'help'.  

Cake, buttercream, cake, buttercream and zigzagged with ganache.


Nick wanted more ganache....

This chocolate cake is quite yummy without being overly sweet and has a nice moist firm texture.  This will definitely be a recipe I will use again.

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