Thursday, January 10, 2013

More layers!

Hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas & New Years!!  I just didn't get it together enough to post in between so I will back track a bit here.

I am really loving making the croissants!  The next batch I made were filled with chocolate again because I wanted to try rolling them differently and apple.

I used two granny smith apples.  Peeled and cut into large-ish matchsticks.  I then sauteed them in a bit of butter, sugar and cinnamon.  I only cooked them long enough so they were just slightly limp.  I didn't want to stuff my croissants with applesauce.

When done I smooshed them to one end of the pan and tipped it so that any extra juice would drain away from the apples.

While the apples cooled I rolled the chocolate filled.  This time I didn't tuck in the sides.  I added more chocolate - sorry - and as I rolled them up I kind of pressed the end down just a touch to help hold in the chips.

I found that after separating the piece of dough that I was going to work with I would give it an extra press.  Then I would add the filling on that end and roll up.  This would give a nice spirally edge to the croissant.

Nice little portion of apple on the end.

You can see the apple peaking out.

I don't think you need to see the photos of them resting on the sheet pan.  Or them hanging out with egg wash on them.  Nope you want to see the good stuff!

I wish we had smel-o-net for moments like this...

All packed up and ready to go to loved ones.

For Christmas morning we have a nice big brunch... like way too much food.  But all of it is oh so yummy!  I was asked to bring croissants.  So I made another batch of dough a week before Christmas. Divided it into three pieces and froze them.  Took out two pieces of dough the night before to defrost in the fridge.  I have to say I LOVE that!  Being able to make ahead, freeze, thaw over night and roll and bake in the morning.

I was told *roll my eyes at my mother* to not make them all filled because they are much better plain.  I had already decided to make half plain and half filled. *insert bratty smirk here*

The first few batches I made eight per third of a recipe.  This time I cut the rolled out dough into twelve pieces and they were a perfect brunch size.

The filled half were done with a combination of homegrown/made blackberry jam and a cream cheese mixture.  The plain ones were left straight when rolled.  I had one problem - the filled croissants unrolled a bit as they baked.  But they still tasted awesome!!

~ A side note.  That third piece of dough (in case you were keeping count) I took up to Reno with me after Christmas and made a batch there.  I made half plain and half filled.  I did the same filling as Christmas day but this time I dipped my finger in water and moistened the end of the roll up.  The croissants didn't unroll this time! Yay!

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