Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Treat & Crispy Treats

One of the Cake Slice Bakers ~ Monica of the blog Lick The Bowl Good ~ has a new cookbook!!  It is called "Lick the Bowl Good: Classic Home-Style Desserts with a Twist"... Grab a copy of it!!  I couldn't wait to get it and it just arrived and it is fabulous! She loaded up this cookbook with awesome pictures and yummy recipes.

I had a few minutes this afternoon and DJ has been asking for rice crispy treats.  So I decided to try one of LTBG's recipes...

... yes you are reading that right.  Rice crispy treats elevated to a whole new tasty using browned butter and cozy spices.

These are a snap to make.  Butter your 9" x 13" pan, measure out your ingredients and away you go!
A quicky tip ~ if the spices in the recipe are all going in at the same time, just measure into a small bowl and then when they are called for just dump and keep moving.

That's ooey gooey goodness you seeing going on there... browned butter bits and spices floating in melting marshmallow.

Once all melted mix with the rice crispies.  
Smoosh it down with buttered hands or something like a silicone spatula.

Once cooled cut and nom nom nom!

A winning recipe.  I look forward to making more goodies from this wonderful book.  I raise my whisk to Monica!  Congrats!!

: )


  1. nom nom indeed! I am so excited about this book that I can't even decide what to make first!

  2. Never made this before but love our own local versions... bookmarked till I get my copy! BTW, I am missing you lots for October..... :)


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