Sunday, April 07, 2013

Honey Bee Cake

The March choice for the Cake Slice Bakers is the Honey Bee Cake from Vintage Cakes.  I was looking forward to making this cake because it sounded so ....'old-fashion' to me.  Timing happened to line up with my Aunt Lynn's birthday party so I offered up this simple yet tasty treat for her dessert.

I decided to make the cake in a springform pan for ease of serving.  The recipe calls for a standard cake pan that you have to do a double turn to get the cake onto a serving platter.  The springform just sounded so much easier to me.

In my book honey = sticky so I buttered the pan all over just to play it safe.

Nothing fancy on the making of this cake.  Cream together the butter, sugar, honey then add the eggs and vanilla.  

Next mix in the dry ingredients and buttermilk; alternating between the two until everything is incorporated but don't over mix this batter.

Spread the batter into your prepared pan.  Tap it flatly on the counter a couple of times to release any large air pockets.

While the cake is baking you want to make your honey glaze.  I found that making it too soon meant I turned it off and the butter separated a bit as it cooled.  When it came time to pour onto the cake I had to reheat the mixture.  Next time I would wait until the cake was almost ready to make the glaze.

Once the cake is just shy of being done pull it out of the oven.  Poke holes all over with a skewer, pour half of the honey glaze over the top.  Do this slowly so that you don't end up with puddles on the edges.  Distribute your nuts all over the top and pour the rest of the glaze onto the nuts.  The recipe called for a heaping 1/2 cup but I used closer to a cup of nuts.

Put the cake back into the oven for about 5 more minutes.  Cool for about an hour... this cake is served best slightly warm.

The Honey Bee Cake recipe can be found in the cookbook Vintage Cakes.

The group really liked this cake.  I was told that it had a comfy 'old fashion' taste. ;)
I will enjoy trying this with different nuts and honey flavors.

Happy Birthday Aunt Lynn!


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  1. Your cake looks wonderful and I agree with you about posting the recipes. Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Holly, your cake turned out beautifully! I know your Aunt Lynn appreciated it! :)

    Joy @ Yesterfood

  3. weii Holly!

    Were there any almonds left in the store after you baked this cake! Just look that all the almond flakes for your topping! Another enjoyable cake from Vintage Cakes!

  4. Hi Holly! For some reason I thought I had already left a comment here! But I see I was wrong! I love it that you joined us even when you're not a big fan of honey! I hope you enjoyed it and I sure hope you make it again with different nuts and kinds of honey to see which one is just "right" for you! ;) Your cake looks beautiful! I am sure your aunt loved it! :D

  5. Your cake looks beautiful, such a great idea for a birthday cake. I enjoyed this cake but want to try it with macadamia nuts next time.


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