Saturday, August 23, 2014

Zach's Chocolate Marble Cake

Hello dear readers!  Yep it is that time again - Cake Slice Bakers!  
It should have been the 20th that I posted but well I am just behind.

This month our choices were Zach's Chocolate Marble Cake, Hungarian Poppy Seed Kugelhopf, Golden Peach Cake and the Very Berry Roulade.  I chose to make the marble cake due to the tastes in our house.

The Cake Slice Bakers bake from one cake cookbook each year.  Each month we are offered three or four choices from the book and we vote on which to bake.  The current cookbook is Great Cakes by Carole Walter.  We have recently voted on what book to bake from in the upcoming year and I am not able to reveal it until it the group reveals it at the same time.  I just got my copy and there looks to be some yummy recipes in it.  ;)
If you would like to join our group please head over to and drop a note to one of our awesome staffers and they will get you started.

Let's get marbling!

I chose to make my cake in a simple pan rather than a textured bundt pan.  I sprayed the pan and laid in a piece of parchment in the bottom - flipped so that it is greased on both sides.

This recipe had you make up the chocolate mixture - melted chocolate, shortening, honey, baking soda, and espresso - and set it aside.  The mixture set up.... a bit more than I would have liked because when mixed with the batter it was very grainy and there were bits left unincorporated.

The cake batter went together well and the vanilla batter had a very nice texture.

You layer in your two cake batters.

Once you have layered in your batters, take a knife and kind of smoosh around to create your marbling.  Once done with that into the oven it goes for about an hour.

The cake comes out a lovely golden brown and smells delightful.

Now to just let it cool and decide if I am going to top it with the glaze or not.

My boys decided to forgo the glaze and eat it straight up.  Personally I think they were just getting antsy ha!

My cake didn't have as much "marbling" as I think we expected but really liked the bands of light and dark cake.

This cake has a very nice texture and came together quickly.  I felt that the chocolate flavor wasn't very present - in fact I could taste the honey more than the chocolate.  And I think that the glaze would have given the cake just the right boost to make it a very tasty cake.

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  1. I agree Holly, I couldn't really taste the chocolate inside cake either the glaze definitely helps. This looks lovely and light.

  2. Hi Holly,
    From the picture you got more of Zebra lines than marbling - but hey I am not complaining!

  3. Your cake is perfection - including the marbling! P.s. Your photos are great,too!

  4. I increased the chocolate in the recipe, and it made a difference! I'm glad your family gobbled it up...I hate when I have wasted cake!

  5. I'll take mine warm with ice cream, please!

  6. Hi Holly, I agree - it was more a buttery cake than a chocolate cake. Nonetheless, it was still yummy!


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