Friday, October 05, 2012

And another sister's BDay!

Since I posted about one sister's birthday I better equal post!

My sister Lindsey was working for Habitat for Humanity building a set of houses. She decided that for her birthday to invite friends and family to come to the work site and volunteer whatever time they could to the project on a Saturday.  We brought in food from a fabulous local Mexican restaurant and I made cupcakes.

Made cute flags for the cupcakes that our mother help cut out and assemble.  A design printed on heavy paper, cut out, folded over and glued onto a long toothpick.  A tip - with the pointy flag design - cut the inner triangle out after they are glued and dry. If you try to cut them then glue they will not line up easily.

Our grandmother placing the flags into the cupcakes.  She was so cute making sure each cupcake flavor have the right number of each flag design.

We made three flavors of cupcake.  50/50 ~ Vanilla with orange frosting.

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

And Lindsey's favorite ice cream ~ Mint Chip.  Chocolate cake with a mint and ground chocolate frosting.

It was a yummy fun day!

Happy Birthday Sissy!  (The one in the gray shirt.)


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