Thursday, October 04, 2012

Just stuff...

I am moving some of my recipes over to this blog... trying to get organized.  So that is why you will see a bunch of posts on the same day - no, I did not make all those in one day. Ha!  Please keep in mind that I am not a photographer.  Many times the pictures are taken with my cell phone when I remember to snap an image.

Also I joined the baking group The Cake Slice.  So looking forward to baking with this group!  Click the badge on the right side to check out their site.

A note from the group’s moderator: “As this was our last cake from our current cake book, we are now opening up group to fellow cake baking enthusiasts who wish to bake with us for the upcoming year. Places are limited and you will need to buy a copy of the new cake book to participate, so dedicated bakers only please. Anyone wishing to join us can email Paloma at ( along with their name, blog name, blog URL and email address for details. Please put ‘New Cake Slice Member’ in the subject box.”


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