Friday, October 05, 2012

Halloween is fast approaching!

Halloween is tied with Christmas for my favorite holiday.  Last year was actually the first time I have thrown a Halloween party.  We have always concentrated on the outdoor decorations and Halloween night.  We had a great time decorating, baking and partying!

Two of my favorite this were the Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla goo and orange 'glass' shards.

And the awesome candied apples.

You can find the recipe for the Red & Black apples at Matt Bites.
What made them even more spooky is we used branches off of our lime tree for the sticks.  They have wicked thorns on them.  (which I carefully dulled the tips on each one.)

Even though we are not hosting another party this year this certainly won't be our last.  I look forward to seeing what all peeeps come up with this year for their spookiness!


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  1. Oh my goodness! Everything looks amazing! Holly... Ready to whisk it with us at The Cake Slice? It's almost time to reveal our November Cake! Looking forward to hearing how it turned out for you! ... We're also voting on our December Cake and I haven't seen you around... will you stop by soon? Voting closes on the 19th!


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